MasterChef Australia Winner Billie McKay Had To Listen To Her Dad’s Playlist To Win

MasterChef Australia Winner Billie McKay Had To Listen To Her Dad’s Playlist To Win
MasterChef Australia Winner Billie McKay

All hail the new MasterChef Australia 2015 winner.


Billie McKay emerged as the next foodie superstar when she outdid her competitor, Georgia Barnes, in the final challenge of MasterChef Australia 2015.

Billie, who had to emerge four points behind, according to, so impressed UK Chef, Heston Blumenthal that he immediately hired her for his restaurant, The Fat Duck.

Grace under pressure

The contestants were asked to prepare a Heston dish, to be served to the former contestants and family. They time frame given was 5 hours.

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Billie, who has always been known to keep her calm during the hardest of challenges, had to crack a bit during the entire final episode, TV Tonight reports. The only thing that kept her sane was her dad’s favorite playlist, which included Van Morrison and Johnny Cash.

However, it was her “head down, bum up” technique in the final stages that sealed her in.

“I wish I could tell you how I did it so I could switch that on any time I need to but I just wanted to get the job done and go for it. It was just head down, bump up and do it,” she said in an interview.

Blumenthal gave it to the finalists for their resilience in taking on the challenge. “I kind of thought this could break these finalists, but you two pushed straight back … it was so impressive,” he said.

He remarked of Billie’s golden sphere of brown sugar in her dessert: “[You have] blown my socks off.”

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The 24-year-old contestant won a new Alpha Romeo car, $250,000 cash prize, a trophy, a monthly column at Delicious and a job at The Fat Duck.

“This has just been the greatest time of my life,” Billie said.

“I don’t know where to start! It’s an unbelievable feeling not only to win, but to have this offer to work at The Fat Duck is beyond my wildest dreams.”

Georgia, the season’s second runner-up, and who got two point behind Billie, won $20,000 and Jessica, who was earlier eliminated in the previous episode, got $10,000.