Massive Fallout 4 Fight Shocks Gaming World

Massive Fallout 4 Fight Shocks Gaming World
Fallout 4 (31) Videogame Photography / Flickr CC BY 2.0

“Fallout 4” fights seem to put the computer on fire. Some are breathtaking and adventurous.


A YouTube user has revealed the biggest “Fallout 4” fight ever. It is a face-off among the baddest of monsters: 10,000 Glowing Ghouls charging against 100 Super Mutants. “Fallout 4” games are pushing fights to the limit. The game already has 100 hours of quest, loots and more, but it never intended to go that far. One gamer decided to pit two of the worst foes against each other. A giant war took off between 100 Super Mutants and 10,000 Glowing Ghouls.

While the war happened on the screen of a computer, it looked nothing less than an epic film. It was not easy for games to do that. The surprising part is how the computer could handle such heavy graphic requirements. Not only could it accommodate the heavy army, it could also accommodate the fight that commenced afterwards. It was an epic “Fallout 4” fight that has astonished the gaming world.

At times, the “Fallout 4” engine was pushed to the limit. Some mid-frame drops were noted. The number of enemies seemed to grow as well. “Fallout 4” fights are getting bigger and better. What do you expect to see next?

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