Martian Watches Introducing New Facility of Notifier to Mobile World Congress

Martian Watches Introducing New Facility of Notifier to Mobile World Congress
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smartwatch Martian Watches Introducing New Facility of Notifier to Mobile World CongressAfter hitting the popularity at Las Vegas CES, the latest Martian smart watch, “Notifier” is heading to Europe for its successful launch. Martian was disclosing its plans to for the company at Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona.


In addition to having the global reach, the Martian is also interested in showing excellent features in its existing range of smart watches. The Martian watches are markedly different from other smart watches that look bulky. Notifier resembles to the normal wrist watch with plenty of additional features. You will be amazed to try it once it is released in Europe.

This smart watch will reduce the dependence of users on their handsets. Now, they would be having all kinds of capabilities like SIM-supported features of texting, calling, chatting etc. Notifier will challenge the market of smartphones considerably. In addition to that, the sleek and beautiful design makes it superior to the other versions of smart watches.

If you are already curious about the smart watch, then you could easily look at the version released at CES earlier. This version of smart watch will be enough to amaze you with its great features.

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Notifier is the significant development in the world of wireless technologies that includes brilliant features such as voice controlled feature via Bluetooth. This watch not only provides you great functionality in terms of usage, but also lends an aesthetic sense and beauty to your arm. The cost of the watch is also in the manageable range for a common person, just for $129. It is really worth purchasing if you intend to use your watch for complete pool of mobile applications.

The amazing feature of voice control makes it’s the use of Notifier very convenient indeed. You just have to tap the watch for enabling the voice controlled commands. Then you can easily navigate, search the score of your favorite matches, create a reminder or appointment, or search the web.

Notifier will bring revolution to the world of smartphones and since it works without having to pull your mobile out of your pocket. Its use is quite convenient and easy. Most of the people love to wear fashionable watches. With the release of Notifier, the “only wrist watches” might suffer from decline since Notifier is quite fashionable as well as stylistic. Moreover, it is sturdy enough to survive the daily wear and tear.