Mars For Sale: ‘Red Planet’ Could Be Yours For $36 Million

Mars For Sale: ‘Red Planet’ Could Be Yours For $36 Million
Alien on Mars Kevin Gill / Flickr cc
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What's This?

Want to own some prime piece of space real estate? Good news because Mars is currently up for sale by its “owner” for $36 million.


49-year old Dr. Phil Davies from Hampshire claims that he has a “legally well constructed claim to land on planet Mars.” He also added that this claim could be ratified by the United Nations as early as next year.

According to Express, the red planet is currently priced at 10 acres for 1 US penny. Measuring 89.97 million sq. miles. the total price of the entire planet amounts to $35.8 million.

You can check out the listing for the sale at the website So far 1,000 people have “purchased” Martian property meaning 11,000 acres of the planet is now privately owned.

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Dr. Davies and his team, however, clarified that they are not in it for the money. According to him, their actions are meant to safeguard the future of space and strengthen the Outer Space Treaty.

Mars And The Future Of Space

The Outer Space Treaty or OST is the only law currently governing activities in the final frontier. At its current state, the law is inadequate especially when it comes to planned mining on asteroids, their ownership, and even the taking of nuclear weapons to space.

Dr. Davies stated that the goal of project was to expose these flaws in the OST. This was in order to prevent cosmic land grabbing of celestial bodies as the search for resources continues in space.

“We have created the first legally difficult to challenge claim on land in space.” Davies said. Ultimately, they will hand the project over to the UN and that is in their code of conduct.

Considering that humanity is inching closer and closer to inhabiting the cosmos, it might be a good idea to get yourselves some property. Who knows maybe your great-grandchildren will appreciate the spacefront property you bought with your spare change.

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  • Morgan Stern

    He’s selling claim certificates, not deeds. So to be legitimate he just needs to construct a claim that is based on good law. He does not need to be the recognised owner to sell a claim. Buying a claim means you get to join him in his efforts to get the land registered via the UN or the PCA. Thats a long shot, but I like it because although he is trying hard to get the land registered, and has made a good legal argument for this strange claim, he makes it clear that the main goal is just to get a high media profile so that he can make the UN (and all of us) re-examine the dangers looming if the existing Space laws are not reinforced. He wants stronger space law that also allows for space businesses like mining. He also wants to keep nuke weapons out of space and to stop all land grabbing in space. I havent read up much on this but I will do. I didn’t realise there was a risk that the space treaty would be torn up and nukes put into space. Anyways,I first thought he should give away the land plots for free but I saw a statement where he says he needs $30,000 to take his claim to Permanent Court of Arbitration and therefore get all the media attention that goes with that. So that makes sense. Basically, he is using the media to show he can get through a loophole in space law so we all understand that this loophole does really exist and needs to be closed. So I agree, for anyone who has a few cents to spare then this could be a worthy investment for your great great grand kids. Also, you can say you are doing your best to secure peace in outer space. If it was expensive I would walk away, but its not. Im buying a certificate for myself and one as a gift for my bro who is unwell.