Married At First Sight Season 3 Spoilers & Rumors: Couples Drift Apart

Married At First Sight Season 3 Spoilers & Rumors: Couples Drift Apart
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Married At First Sight season 3 spoilers revealed that married life may not be as appealing for Tres and David. On the other hand, Neil and Sam take their relationship to the next level.


Married at First Sight season 3 episode 12 revealed that the couples of the series have conflicting interests, especially with regards to Tres and Vanessa, and Ashley and David.

As reported by TV Guide, the episode synopsis reveals that Ashley would want some time alone from David, which could signal that their marriage may not work before the season finale. Furthermore, Tres and Vanessa seem to be doubling their efforts in keeping their relationship at bay.

According to Daily Mail, Ashley felt lost in her relationship with David since the January episode. In fact, she revealed that she felt awkward when she met David at the altar, especially when he just confessed that he has fallen in love with her during such time. She also revealed that she was not even attracted to him.

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At present, updates on the couple reveal that David would visit his brother in Buffalo and his father’s grave to have a deeper purview of his relationship with Ashley, reports Movie News Guide. In fact, the latter asked for some space from him. It seems as though the couple have had a rough couple of weeks that might jeopardize the survival of their relationship before the season finale airs.

Furthermore, it was also revealed that although Neil and Sam seemed to have drifted apart these past seasons, the couple was reported to be taking steps to making their relationship work. The report stated that they met with friends, cooked, and spent time at the gym. During which, Neil was also seen impressed by Sam’s agility and flexibility while working out.

After their bonding time, the couple decided to live together, but this time, without a roommate. Will they make it through to the finale? One thing’s for sure, the finale of the series, as was revealed by TV Guide, hints that the couples will make their final decisions to stay or separate this February 23, 2016.

On the other hand, Tres and Vanessa were also seen having a rough time – a shocker since the couple seemed to be perfect for each other during the earlier episodes of the season. In fact, the report indicates that the couple may drift apart and may not be able to make it through to the finale.

Catch the latest episode of Married At First Sight season 3 this February 9, 2016.