‘Married at First Sight’ Scandal: Nick Pendergrast Disgusted To Have Sex With Wife Sonia Granados?

‘Married at First Sight’ Scandal: Nick Pendergrast Disgusted To Have Sex With Wife Sonia Granados?
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 ‘Married at First Sight” star Nick Pendergast wanted to have a “Get out of Jail Free” card so he could walk out of his marriage to his wife Sonia Granados. This even after he had multiple sex with her.


Last Tuesday night’s episode of “Married at First Sight” showed 32-year-old Nick Pendergast call his wife Sonia Granados as unattractive and revealed that he never had sex with her. This was later on debunked by the 33-year-old reality star.

Nick revealed his sentiments before the FYI reality show’s relationship expert Pastor Calvin Roberson.

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He said that he told Sonia Granados that his attraction level “isn’t where it needs to be” but his wife only got the idea that he see her as “unattractive.”

“I think the only words she heard was, “I’m not attracted to you,” and then everything else was just, like, in one ear and out the other,” he told the pastor in a video clip shown by Us Weekly.

The “Married at First Sight” star then revealed that their marriage was not “traditional,” saying that they never had sex together.

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“The attraction has dwindled from the beginning, and it’s not something that she’s done. I don’t think she’s ugly by any means,” he said. “We’re married, but do I feel like I’m a husband? I want to feel that way with someone.”

Later on, Nick told Pastor Calvin that he would get at least one “Get Out of Jail Free” card, The Daily Mail said.

Meanwhile, as Pastor Calvin talked to Sonia, the wife said she felt “disgusted” with Nick.

She also slammed Nick’s statement that they did not have sex saying, “We had sex — not just once. Like we’ve had sex.”

Sonia did not want to give further details about their intimate moment which Pastor Calvin fully understands. However, he said he should get to the bottom of the situation and try to sort the couple’s dilemma out.

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