Mark Zuckerberg Plans To Build His Very Own ‘Jarvis’

Mark Zuckerberg Plans To Build His Very Own ‘Jarvis’
Picture from Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook

It seems Tony Stark won’t be the only one living with a Jarvis soon enough. After all, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has one exciting New Year’s resolution, and that is to build his very own AI assistant.


In his latest Facebook post, Zuckerberg, who is also a new dad to Max, explains that each year, he actually takes on a “personal challenge to learn and new things and grow outside my work at Facebook.” In the past, he’s tackled on reading two books every month, learning Mandarin and meeting a new person each day. Now, he is inspired to build himself an AI that can help him both at the office and with home tasks.

As far as the home front goes, Zuckerberg already has a list of things in mind for his upcoming AI assistant to do. For one thing, his very own “Jarvis” would have to be able to recognize and understand his voice so that it can help him control just about anything in the house, including the temperature, lights and music. At the same time, this AI would also become a sort of butler for the Zuckerberg family. After all, it should be able to let friends in the home the moment their faces are recognized by its program upon ringing the doorbell. But perhaps, the most important task of this upcoming AI assistant concerns Zuckerberg’s precious little one, Max, as the program should also be able to alert him if something is going on in the baby’s room. Meanwhile, in the office, Zuckerberg envisions that this AI will also help him visualize data in VR.

Zuckerberg calls this AI undertaking as a “fun intellectual challenge” that he plans to code himself. For him, this year is all about invention and he says he will be sharing what he’s learned from building his own Jarvis throughout 2016.

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