Marilyn Wakes Up From Coma With Retrograde Amnesia, Kat Devastated In ‘Home And Away’

Marilyn Wakes Up From Coma With Retrograde Amnesia, Kat Devastated In ‘Home And Away’
Endless Sleep PROTony Fischer/Flickr CC BY 2.0
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“Home and Away” is heading towards an uneven road where every character is in some sort of problem. Denny is already dead, and Charlotte may find it difficult to hide it. She realizes that it would not be possible for her to keep things hidden for long.


Kat, on the other hand, is trying to digest the closeness between Ricky and Nate. She faces a panic attack instead.

According to “Home and Away” spoilers, Marilyn will wake up from her coma. However, she will not be able to recognize John. She will be diagnosed with retrograde amnesia. This makes her remember nothing after 1996. As John was part of her life after 1996, she will not remember him, too.

Marilyn is now curious about Summer Bay. When she sneaks out of the hospital she finds everything quite different. She bumped on Oscar and his familiarity confused her. Now that Marilyn is so ill, the family and friends have a couple of week to get her memory back.

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Other “Home and Away” spoilers suggest that Evie will get closer to Tank. The pair will share their first kiss. After the kiss, things will become heavy and hot between the couple as he takes the lady for a car ride.

Maddy is in trouble for sure. She has beaten cancer for the time being, but her health is getting worse. She is worried because she is experiencing some of the symptoms that was there during her cancer.

Kassandra Clementi, who plays the teenager in “Home and Away,” said, “It’s something Maddy lives with every day – that constant fear of: ‘Could [her cancer] have come back?’” adding, “It’s a fear of hers that she’ll feel sick again and, the second it happens, she’s scared of saying it out loud.”

Will Maddy become cancer-free? Will Marilyn get her memory back? Will Kat be able to forgive Ricky? Will the relationship between Evie and Tank persist? There are so many questions that “Home and Away” is going to answer in the coming episodes.