Mariah Carey Vs Jennifer Lopez Cat Fight Continues

Mariah Carey Vs Jennifer Lopez Cat Fight Continues
Mariah Carey via Facebook

The Queens of Las Vegas may be under serious beef! After a decade has passed since Mariah Carey claimed she doesn’t know Jennifer Lopez, she throws another “forgetful” comment about the “American Idol” judge, saying, “I still don’t know her.” What’s up with these two?


More than a decade ago, Mariah Carey told several media people that, despite Jennifer Lopez’s popularity, she did not know her. Carey’s statement stirred controversy, especially when JLo is not the type of artist any of the entertainment industry’s bests could not recognize, reports E! Online.

Recently, Jennifer Lopez appeared on The Wendy Williams Show last week to voice out her opinion about Carey’s remarks a few years back. Lopez said, “[Mariah] is forgetful I guess. We’ve met many times.”

Although the statement could have cleared up any feud between them, Carey just swerved a hit towards Lopez this week.

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Last Monday, as Carey was leaving Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, she was engaged by TMZ reporters who asked her, “Mariah, what do you think about people still referencing ‘I don’t know her’ all these years later?” Carey then responded in a laughing tone, “I still don’t know her,” reports Hollywood Life.

What? Lopez has been swarming Hollywood, and the iconic Mariah Carey still claims she doesn’t know her! In fact, Lopez replaced Carey as one of the judges of the TV series “American Idol.”

In fact, Carey also sat for an interview with “The Cut” last November 2015 and addressed the issue. She claimed she was not trying to stir controversy between her and the “American Idol” celebrity judge; she was just being honest and that she, in fact, truly does not know Lopez. Is that as impossible as it may seem, or is Carey trying to influence a beef between her and the famous Latina singer?

Others speculate that there may already be a beef between the entertainment industry’s queens. Since Lopez has been stationed to perform at the Las Vegas strip, she has attended several residency shows except that of Carey’s.

During an interview with Andy Cohen in “Watch What Happens Live,” Lopez was asked why she hasn’t attended any of Carey’s shows. She explained, “I think last year when [Mariah’s residency] started I was already here in New York filming ‘Shades of Blue’ and doing ‘Idol’ on the weekends – I didn’t have a lot of time.” She added, “Then I started preparing my own. I don’t think there’s been a time when I could have seen it.”

Could Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez be rivals in the entertainment industry? Does Lopez’s replacement of her in “American Idol” sparked Mimi’s mean side, or was it her absence on the latter’s Las Vegas residency shows that cause this heat?