Mariah Carey To Retire? Frustrated Fans Say She Cannot Hit Notes Anymore!

Mariah Carey To Retire? Frustrated Fans Say She Cannot Hit Notes Anymore!
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Mariah Carey, known as the singer who can land the highest of notes, allegedly cannot hit them anymore. Devoted fans noticed that she cannot sing her own songs well anymore on the “Sweet Sweet Fantasy” European Tour.


At present, Mariah Carey is on her “Sweet Sweet Fantasy” European Tour and will be expected to perform in London this Wednesday night. Although the “Obsessed” singer has gained a strong fan base ever since she started her career, Radar Online reported that her fans were recently disappointed of how she sang  “Vision of Love” on her tour. Many said she is losing her touch already.

Radar Online reported that fans who heard her sing were more than disappointed. “She can’t sing it or hit the high notes. [She] can’t lip synch the song either,” a frustrated fan said.

A video taken by a fan while the singer was on tour showed the flaws in her vocal performance. “The way she tries to match her hoarse warbling to the pre-recorded tracks, it looks like the bad dubbing in an old Japanese movie. It’s a whispery Marilyn Monroe voice, or else she sounds like she’s talking through the song,” another disappointed fan said.

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Truly harsh comments. Has the diva lost her touch?

Before fans decide whether or not to watch her on the remaining legs of her “Sweet Sweet Fantasy” tour, there are news saying the singer will probably have to cancel her tour in light of the recent Brussels terror attacks. Mirror reported that the “We Belong Together” is advised to cancel her tour for safety purposes.

If she follows through the advice, fans will not be able to see or hear her sing on her birthday. Carey is slated to perform in Forest National Arena this coming Sunday, March 27, which coincides with the singer’s 46th birthday.