Maria Renz Appointed As First Woman Adviser To Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Maria Renz Appointed As First Woman Adviser To Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos
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One of the most coveted positions in Amazon has been given to a deserving woman. As reported by Re/code, Maria Renz has been hired as technical adviser to CEO Jeff Bezos, also known as the “shadow” of the CEO.


Renz, a 15-year Amazon veteran, worked as the CEO of Quidsi, responsible for, which Amazon itself acquired in 2011.

Renz’s LinkedIn page says that she started in the position in April. She is the first woman to be appointed CEO adviser.

She studied in Drexel University where she acquired a bachelor’s degree in interior desig. She also has an MBA from Vanderbilt.

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Jason Del Rey from Re/code writes, “Historically, shadows have gone on to run some of the company’s most crucial initiatives after their typical two-year stint is up.”

Andy Jassy, for instance, was one of the shadows, and now he heads Amazon Web Services worth $6 billion. Another was Greg Hart, who led Amazon Echo speech recognition’s development.

Matt Weinberger from Business Insider observes, “Of Amazon’s eight executive roles, including Bezos, the only woman is Worldwide Controller Shelley Reynolds. Renz’s appointment to this much-desired, super-intensive mentoring role at least shows signs of progress at the very top of Amazon.”