Man Learns Photography In Prison, Inspires Others To Dream

Man Learns Photography In Prison, Inspires Others To Dream
Donato Di Camillo Instagram

Have you seen photos taken by Donato Di Camillo? If not, you are missing out. This man’s eye for photo subjects is try unique.


Guess where he learned photography? In prison. While serving time in jail for several counts of theft, Di Camillo spent his days learning photography.

As a young kid, he related how he enjoyed browsing through photos of the National Geographic. He did not buy the magazines. His dad brought those readings after they were discarded.

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Life was difficult for the Di Camillo household. He could not afford to buy a film for their Polaroid camera. He would just play make-believe, pretending to be a bigwig photographer in an African Safari.

Di Camillo ended up in jail after multiple cases of theft. While most prisoners make trouble, he would download YouTube video tutorials and read how-to books. He admires the National Geographic, Life and Time Magazine.

Finally, he was out of prison and promised never to return because he had set his eyes to pursue professional photography.

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Di Camillo’s brand of photography is unique. He called it “the fringes” because his subjects are not your usual eye-candy photography.

He wanted to feature an aspect of human life that’s often taken for granted. Click here to see his photo gallery.

He loved exploring New York City and showcased the faceless individuals that roam the metro’s suburbs.

Not everyone appreciates Di Camillo’s works. Some critics adhere to art for art’s sake philosophy. But Di Camillo just shrug off these criticisms.

“I want [my subjects] to understand that the reason I’m photographing them is because I see something in them that I see in me, or that I think the rest of the world could relate to,” he said.

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