Man at Large Gets Arrested after Posting ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video

Man at Large Gets Arrested after Posting ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video
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jeasean Man at Large Gets Arrested after Posting ALS Ice Bucket Challenge VideoThe ALS Ice Bucket Challenge remains viral across the social media. Apparently, not only celebrities, icons, and ordinary people get more interested to be a part of the advocacy. Even fugitives who are at large could not resist the enticement to take the controversial challenge.


Indeed, one of the most interesting ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos that are circulating online and across the social media is that made by Jeasean Morris, a 20-year-old ex-convict who is currently on the wanted list for escaping state punishments for his misdeed in Nebraska.

Apparently, Morris took the challenge and posted his own ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video on his own Facebook account. An informant approached the authorities to give them a tip on the fugitive’s supposed whereabouts. The house where Morris taped the challenge served as a giveaway clue about his hideout.

The fugitive

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Morris was convicted in 2010 for his attempted second-degree assault with the use of a firearm. He was given a parole last March by the Omaha Correctional Center. But it took only a few weeks for him to get back to his misdeeds.

In an instance, he was questioned by the police for a punishable violation. He must have realized the repercussions of his action, prompting him to give the police officers who were questioning him a false name and date of birth. Afterwards, he violently kicked a safety partition of the PT Cruiser that he was riding.

Additionally, Morris also allegedly spat on the face of Dan Martin, a gang unit officer. Thus, he was booked on that warrant along with a criminal impersonation suspicion, resistance of police arrest, and punishable assault of a police officer. Now, his fugitive days are over.

 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is the current worldwide phenomenon across the social media. The videos aim to bolster awareness about a medical condition known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS. At the same time, there is a goal to generate funds for further medical research about the condition.

In the popular video challenge, participants can opt to donate $100 to the ALS foundation or to just take the challenge and walk away. Some takers opt to do the challenge and give the amount at the same time. The participants are then given the privilege to challenge other people, dubbed as nominees, to take the same challenge within a prescribed period.