Malia Obama Marijuana Scandal: First Daughter Called Hypocrite For Wearing Controversial Statement Shirt

Malia Obama Marijuana Scandal: First Daughter Called Hypocrite For Wearing Controversial Statement Shirt
Malia Obama U.S. Department of Agriculture / Flickr cc

President Barack Obama’s elder daughter Malia Obama has been photographed wearing a t-shirt captioned ‘Smoking Kills’ at the Budweiser Made in America Festival on Sunday, weeks after she was pictured smoking up a suspicious cigarette, believed to be cannabis.


The President was reportedly livid after the video of her smoking pot in Chicago surfaced last month. According to a witness, the cigarette that she was caught smoking contained marijuana. She was also spotted to be grooving and twerking at the event wearing a tight fitting tube top and shorts.

“I caught Malia smoking pot and I have the pictures to prove it,” a witness was quoted as saying by the “You could smell the marijuana smoke.

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She also faced controversy for skipping the Democratic National Convention for the concert in Chicago.

The Mail Online reported that Malia Obama had suffered from asthma before and the president has revealed in an earlier occasion about how scared he got when she suffered from breathing troubles at four years.

However, the rebel first daughter seems to be still in the party mood as she was spotted in Philadelphia for the festival with a friend.

The 18-year-old, who is taking a gap year before going to the Harvard in 2017, was also wearing a red baseball cap with the letter ‘H’ embossed on it and sunglasses. However, in Philadelphia Malia made sure she is not spotted with a cigarette again.

Meanwhile, she appeared in another photograph at what seemed like a house party with a bong clearly visible in the image, according to a report by

She seemed to be having a lot of fun, singing along as rapper Travis Scott performed on stage. However, this time, her father ensured that the security keeps a close watch on Malia, as they kept nearby.

Malia was not the only celebrity at the festival. Bill Clinton and Beyonce also attended the Budweiser Made in America Festival and were spotted chatting and shaking hands. Malia also, reportedly, sang “Happy Birthday” to Beyonce with Jay Z and Chance the Rapper, the Radar Online reported.

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