Malaysia Flight MH370 Latest News: Pilot Suicide, Sabotage Ruled Out

Malaysia Flight MH370 Latest News: Pilot Suicide, Sabotage Ruled Out
Malaysia Airlines Aero Icarus / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Malaysia Flight MH370 Latest News: The lost flight MH370 did not involve a controlled ditching of the aircraft at sea, according to a new report released by the Australian Transport Bureau based on analysis made by the Australian Defense Science and Technology Group.


Expert analysis has found that the most likely scenario was that the right plane engine flamed out, followed by the left engine, crashing the Boeing 777 plane into the southern Indian Ocean.

Samuel Davey, Neil Gordon, Ian Holland, Mark Rutten and Jason Williams from the Australian Defense Science and Technology Group or DST used the Bayesian methods in their analysis for the search for MH370. The method used the Bayem’s theorem that described the probability of an event, based on conditions that might be related to the event. In the case of MH370, the scientists take into account the detailed performance analysis of Boeing 777. This included a series of achievable ranges with time intervals for different cruise altitudes. Also taken into account are the models of the Inmarsat satellite communications data and model of aircraft dynamics. Recorded meteorological data, wind, air, temperature, were also factored in the analysis.

The analysis drew a conclusion that after flying for 7 hours and 38 minutes, MH370 suffered fuel exhaustion. It is probable that the right engine flamed out first followed by the left engine. “Given the amount o fuel uplifted in Kuala Lumpur and historic fuel burn data for each engine, it is estimated that the left engine could have continued to run for up to 15 minutes after the right engine flamed-out,” the DST said in its report.

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The probability of engine flame out is “inconsistent with a controlled ditching scenario,” the report notes. “A controlled ditching scenario requires engine thrust to properly control the direction and vertical speed at touchdown and to provide hydraulic power for the flight controls including the flaps,” the DST said.

There are many theories involving the disappearance of MH370. The most debated about is whether the plane’s pilot had the hand in the tragedy, with many believing he had committed suicide, thereby sabotaging the plane into its demise.

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    I do not see you have made any case for ruling out suicide, or more accurately murder/suicide. All it tells us is no one was controlling the plane at the end. If suicide this could have been done anytime on the six hours previously, if it was me I’d be taking advantage of the free bar. He could have been doing anything at the end except controlling the plane from finishing that book he never got around to or reaching the highest level on Candy Crush.
    If suicide it was not the only motive otherwise he would have crashed it when he first got control of it within 30mins. There are innumerable possible reason he would have turned off the oxygen earlier from ensuring his family are eligible for insurance to intentionally creating the greatest aviation mystery ever