Making A Murderer’s Steven Avery Dumps Fiancee: Gold Digger Lynn Hartman Received $5000 From Dr. Phil!

Making A Murderer’s Steven Avery Dumps Fiancee: Gold Digger Lynn Hartman Received $5000 From Dr. Phil!
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Making A Murder’s Steven Avery, who is currently serving life sentence for murdering photographer Teresa Halbach, has ended his engagement to Lynn Hartman. The relationship came into the open earlier this month and is also the subject of a two-part special episode of Dr. Phil.


According to a report by People magazine, the breakup followed tensions between Hartman and Avery’s family’s suspicion over her true intentions. According to a source, Hartman and Avery haven’t spoken since their segments for Dr. Phil was taped, and when Steven Avery tried calling his fiancee, he found out that the number was blocked.

“Steven just called his mother and told her that he hasn’t talked to Lynn since she filmed Dr. Phil,” the People quoted the source as saying. “Something happened at Dr. Phil.”

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The source added that Avery’s family never fully trusted Hartman and was suspicious of her motives even before the couple met in person. Hartman had sent Steven Avery a letter eight months back; since then, they started writing to each other.

According to the source, from the picture of their first meeting in prison, it seemed that Hartman was very uncomfortable touching Avery.

Avery’s friend and former fiancé Sandra Greenman posted a statement on Facebook saying she was contacted by Avery two times and requested her to let everyone know that it’s over between him and Hartman. She wrote on Avery’s behalf that Hartman was in the relationship for the money and that his eyes are finally opened.

“Lynn received at least $5000 from Dr. Phil, and he thinks more. She got another $1000 for doing other shows. She also wanted to be on as many as possible,” Greenman wrote on Facebook as quoted by E! News.

She added as per his own words, “She is a golddigger. He wants someone to contact Dr Phil before Mon. show annd (sic) let him know she was only in the relationship for money. I checked and doublechecked with him to make very sure he wanted this put on and he said very much so.”

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