‘Making A Murderer’ Steven Avery Update: Teresa Halbach DNA Wiped Off From Car Key?

‘Making A Murderer’ Steven Avery Update: Teresa Halbach DNA Wiped Off From Car Key?
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Another key development has taken place in the conviction of Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery.


Ever since its release December last year, the ten-part docuseries Making a Murderer has received massive attention from people across the globe, sparking a much talked about debate as to whether Avery was wrongfully convicted or not.

The series chronicles the conviction of Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, for the murder of 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach. Avery had previously spent 18 years in prison on a sexual assault charge before DNA evidence proved in 2003 that he was not involved in the crime. In 2005, Halbach was murdered and Avery was arrested for the crime.

According to In Touch’s investigation, high-profile wrongful conviction lawyer Kathleen Zellner is getting Halbach’s car keys analyzed for DNA. These could confirm that Halbach’s DNA was removed from the key in the aftermath of her killing, and that Avery’s DNA was planted on it.

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Halbach’s key, which pursuant to the investigation was found in Avery’s bedroom (putting him behind bars for life without parole), has since become a key piece of evidence in the case. The state-of-the-art tests Zellner is having conducted will be able to detect the solvent that might have been used to wipe Halbach’s DNA from the key.

Another test that Zellner, the woman responsible for 16 exonerations in wrongful conviction cases, is having conducted could also prove that Avery’s blood found on the key was older than it should have been, suggesting it was planted after the incident. This test, developed in 2011, can tell the age of blood by the use of an internal compound.

People close to Avery hope the new tests will help exonerate him. “Steven is so lucky to have Zellner working for him because there is no one better,” Curtis Busse, a close friend of Avery, said. “I know her appeal will be the best shot Steven has at getting out of prison.”

Busse is the founder of Facebook group “The Steven Avery Project,” which has garnered more than 100,000 likes.

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