‘Making A Murderer’ Steven Avery Not Guilty? Lawyer Reveals Prime Suspect

‘Making A Murderer’ Steven Avery Not Guilty? Lawyer Reveals Prime Suspect
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Kathleen Zellner, the attorney for “Making a Murderer” subject Steven Avery, said that new suspects in connection with the killing of photographer Teresa Halbach have been identified.


Zellner said that she has found “a couple” of suspects, both of whom are men who knew the deceased victim. “We have a couple” of suspects, she said. “I’d say there’s one, leading the pack by a lot. But I don’t want to scare him off, I don’t want him to run,” she revealed. The development was covered by Newsweek on Tuesday.

In 2005, Halbach was murdered after driving to Avery’s salvage yard where she had gone to take a picture of a van for Auto Trader magazine.

Zellner, who specializes in wrongful convictions, took on the case of Avery early this year believing that the accused had not committed the crime. “I felt that the attitude toward him by the prosecutors and the state was that he was disposable,” Zellner said, as reported by Mirror.co.uk. “The longer I watched it, the more angry I got,” she said more.

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The television series “Making a Murderer” chronicled Avery’s wrongful arrest on charge of rape, as a result of which he spent a prison sentence of 18 years, and his arrest following the killing. The show looks at the confession of Avery’s nephew Brendan Dassey, who was 16 at the time of the incident, in which he said that he had aided Avery in committing the murder.

Avery, a resident of Wisconsin, is currently serving a life imprisonment sentence for Halbach’s murder. The subsequent release of “Making a Murderer” followed Avery’s wrongful conviction. Zellner told Newsweek that Avery was a victim of ineffective counsel; and that she was planning to have forensic tests conducted. She also expressed that defense attorneys Dean Strang and Jerry Buting did not shed light on the victim’s phone records which reveal that she had left Avery’s property when she was murdered, the Wrap reported.

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