‘Making A Murderer’ A Slap In The Face For Teresa Halbach’s Family?

‘Making A Murderer’ A Slap In The Face For Teresa Halbach’s Family?
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Making a Murderer, the 10-part docuseries that tells the story of the convictions of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, has been highly appreciated by viewers all over the world.


However, Marc Klaas isn’t one of those.

“This is nothing more than a re-victimization of [Teresa Halbach’s] family,” he said.

Klaas’ 12-year-old daughter Polly was kidnapped from a slumber party in California and killed in 1993; following which he established the KlaasKids Foundation in honor of his daughter. Klaas is a national commentator on child advocacy issues.

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“For this series to be so lauded must be horrible for this lady’s family and friends,” Klaas said, as reported by Post Crescent.

According to him, the fact that it has been so positively received is like a slap in the face of the Halbachs. “For this series to be so lauded must be horrible for this lady’s family and friends,” Klaas said.

The family of Teresa Halbach, the 25-year-old photographer murdered in 2005, sees the documentary as a re-traumatizing event for the family. “It’s terrible,” Halbach’s aunt, Kay Giordana, said, as reported by People. “I can’t believe this came out. It is really unfortunate.”

Halbach’s cousin in law, Jeremy Fournier, said that the show is “one sided.”

“It seems like there are some shenanigans by the police in there from what I hear and read about, and I can see where people are getting their opinion, but they are only getting one side of the story,” Fournier said.

Released in December, the show chronicles the convictions of Avery and Dassey. Avery was previously arrested in 1985 on a sexual assault charge and spent 18 years in prison before DNA evidence proved he had not committed the crime.

Subsequently, he filed a $36 million lawsuit; however, before the case went to trial, he was arrested for Halbach’s murder. He was convicted in 2007 and given life in prison without the possibility of parole. Dassey was also convicted for acting as his uncle’s accomplice in the crime.

While Klaas doesn’t personally know the Halbachs, he says he can sympathize with the pain they must be feeling. “You don’t get over it,” Klaas said. “When your child gets murdered, you join a club you never wanted to belong to and can never get out of. It is like having the future cut out from you.”

Giordana, however, expressed her shock over the appreciation Making a Murderer has received. “I was very upset, but I know the right people know the truth,” she said.

“It is not even close to what really happened. Everybody has their own side of a story. That is the Avery family’s side of the story. I wouldn’t expect it to be different. They think he is innocent. I am not surprised. I am surprised that someone would put that together in that way and have it [be] one-sided.”

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  • Wilbert van Bakel

    Also reported by Post Crescent:

    “Klaas told USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin that he hasn’t seen the 10-part Netflix docu-series, and doesn’t intend to.”

  • Àmac

    And some of us took the time to read the court transcripts after watching the documentary. As a parent I would hate to think the real killer is living life and a man is wrongly convicted. My heart breaks for the Halbach and the Avery’s. Should we all not receive a fair trial? How can you not feel for Brendan Dassey? That poor kid got railroaded. They had 2 different events of the story for each trial. We will soon know the trunth. KATHLEEN ZELLNER is going bust this wide open and then you will understand the real tragedy is going to be the guilt of the Halbach family over putting the wrong man in prison again with the manipulation of the MCSD!