‘Making A Murderer’ Case: Identified Teresa Halbach’s Remains Were Birds’ Bone!

‘Making A Murderer’ Case: Identified Teresa Halbach’s Remains Were Birds’ Bone!
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The case of Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery has witnessed another twist.


A recent discovery could potentially discredit the prosecutor’s claim that Halbach’s body was cremated in a fire pit by Avery on his property. The discovery, made by a Reddit user, came while analyzing fragment evidence files that contained the remains of Halbach’s body. One of the bones found in the remains was a carpometacarpus bone of a bird.

A bird’s wing contains the bone.

Avery’s defense team had claimed that his burn pit was often used to burn and dispose of remains of deer, rodents and fowl.

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The theory put forth by the Reddit user sheds light on the idea that if the fire was not able to burn remains of a human completely, it shouldn’t do the same to a bird bone. As reported by Business Insider, a cremation expert had said that an open fire like the one in the fire pit on Avery’s property would not have been intense enough to create remains of Halbach’s bones.

The argument that Halbach’s remains were discovered in Avery’s back yard was not backed up by proper and adequate evidence. Only one tissue, which contained enough mitochondrial DNA, could be tested. According to UPROXX, the same test was meant to produce readings of 16 points of DNA to be deemed usable; however, the results were used only on 7.

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According to forensic scientist Sherry Culhane, the possibility of mitochondrial DNA coming from anyone else but Halbach was “one in a billion.”

Moreover, the fact that the bones were discovered in at least three places on the property has also produced questions as to why the suspect would do such a thing in the first place – considering they were only moved close by.

The second season of Making a Murderer is currently being filmed.

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  • Helene

    You say “create remains of Halbach’s bones” in the 5th paragraph… did you mean “cremate”?

    • Kalpesh_Rajdeo

      It isn’t incorrect. It on the context about whether the fire was intense enough to “create” such remains and not cremate them.