Major Earth Devastation: President Obama Declares Executive Order To Prepare For Space Weather Explosion

Major Earth Devastation: President Obama Declares Executive Order To Prepare For Space Weather Explosion
Solar flare NASA Goddard Space Flig/ Flickr cc

The rapid changes on earth’s weather can cause a major devastation in future but the results can be more devastating and extreme if a major solar storm hits the earth according to the scientists.


Dr. Valerie Rapson, an astrophysicist at Dudley Observatory at miSci in Schenectady said, “a direct hit on our earth can cause the power grids to slow down and can even damage the satellites we have.”

Dr. Rapson added that it can threaten life on the earth if the severity is high. The solar flares originate on the Sun’s surface and they are similar to a million nuclear bombs exploding simultaneously at the same time according to the scientists.

“The explosions cause high energy radiations like the X and Gamma rays which can be very dangerous.” Dr. Rapson said.

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According to WYNT, these dangerous rays travel through space and has hit the earth many times in the history. The last biggest hit was in the middle of the 1800’s. But since the technology has gone to a big level today, these direct hits can be devastating.

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According to Dr. Rapson, scientists and government officials in 2015 felt the importance of preparing these power grids, satellites and everything in a way that the flares can’t cause any big damage when hit. She added that the President Obama’s executive order on Thursday was a major push for action.

For now Dr. Rapson said that scientists already know that the sun has a flare cycle of 11 years which is called solar max and solar minimum. The last solar max occurred in the year 2011 which means that the next solar maximum will be in the year 2022. That is probably the greatest upcoming threat by the solar flares according to her. However the possibility continues that it can happen anytime in the future.

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