Maine’s First Lady Ann LePage Works As Waitress At McSeagulls Restaurant To Buy Own Car

Maine’s First Lady Ann LePage Works As Waitress At McSeagulls Restaurant To Buy Own Car
Ann LePage Maine Department of Education CC BY-SA 2.0
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Ann LePage, wife of Maine Governor Paul LePage, is working during the summer as a waitress at McSeagull’s restaurant in Boothbay Harbor.


Many of the jobs that have opened in the summer are in the tourism industry.

As reported by the Huffington Post, Gov LePage makes $70,000 a year, the least by a governor in the country. In contrast, the average income for a married couple in the state is $87,000, according to the Maine Sun Journal.

“After my mother passed away I told my daughter maybe this is the year I’ll try this,” LePage said. “She said, ‘Mom I think you should go for it,’ although my son thought I was having a midlife crisis.” The LePages’ daughter earned $28 an hour last summer at the restaurant.

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“Because of who I am and who I’m married to, I want to work extra hard just so I can show them I can do the job,” LePage said.

Although she does not hold a lot of experience, LePage recently worked her first double shift. She intends to work at the restaurant until the end of the tourism season in October.

“I’m having a ball,” she said. “You’ve got to be a people person. It’s hard work.”

Some of the customers were not able to recognize her.

“I had no idea it was Ann LePage. I didn’t recognize her,” Clayton Eames, one of LePage’s customers, said.

Saving up money for a Toyota RAV4, LePage works three days a week.

“Oh honey, it’s all about the money; it’s all about the money,” she said, as reported by WGME. “I told him my money I earn here I’m putting in a kitty. I want to buy a car this summer.”

The restaurant was thrilled to announce LePage’s employment on their Facebook page. “We think our First Lady rocks the crew shirt,” the restaurant wrote on Facebook. “She’s an awesome addition to the team.”

Laurie Green, LePage’s friend, said she admired her friend’s efforts. “I really hate a lot of our politicians nowadays that have the wealth, the money,” Green said. “They have no clue what the average person out in the world is doing.”

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