Maine Democratic Caucuses: Bernie Sanders Projected To Win, Massive Turnout Expected To Break Records

Maine Democratic Caucuses: Bernie Sanders Projected To Win, Massive Turnout Expected To Break Records
Bernie Sanders Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton faced off against each other in the Maine Democratic caucuses on Sunday.


The turnout was so massive, voters were offered provision to vote through paper ballots instead of conducting the town hall-type caucus. While party leaders originally said they predicted a turnout like that of 2008, this time around, participation seemed to have made new records.

As reported by Portland Press Herald, Maine Democratic Party chairman Phil Bartlett said, “It’s an extraordinary turnout. We are so excited that so many people want to participate in this process. We are committed to making sure that any Democrat in line by 2 o’clock will have an opportunity to vote or cast their ballot in the caucus.”

Sanders is projected to triumph in the Maine Democratic Caucuses; if the final results do come out as projected, Sanders could win majority of the state’s 25 delegates at stake. He is ahead of Clinton by double digits, having received more than 64 percent of the votes.

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In a statement, the Vermont Senator said, “I thank the people of Maine for their strong support. With another double-digit victory, we have now won by wide margins in states from New England to the Rocky Mountains and from the Midwest to the Great Plains. The pundits might not like it but the people are making history.”

Sanders has emerged victorious in Kansas and Nebraska, which means that this weekend, he won 47 pledged delegates. With this, considering Clinton’s huge win in the Louisiana primary, the two Democratic presidential candidates may reach a draw in the delegates they’ve won this weekend, NPR reports.

At present, Sanders requires more than 50 percent of remaining pledged delegates to bag the primary. This number will only increase once the super delegates are factored in.

However, the International Business Times reports that the Maine caucuses, with a small number of delegates at stake, might not affect the overall presidential race drastically.

The debate to be held in Flint, Michigan, on Sunday is what the candidates will be looking forward to. The primaries in the state will be held on Tuesday.

According the New York Times, at present Clinton is ahead of Sanders 1,121 to 482 in delegates.

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