Madonna ‘Devastated’ At Son Rocco Richie’s Drug Habits

Madonna ‘Devastated’ At Son Rocco Richie’s Drug Habits
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Just at the time when Madonna, the international pop icon has started to rebuild her hopes to mend her torn relationship with son Rocco Ritchie, things have turned haywire. It seems she is now losing her child to dangerous substances. The photos and videos on the internet have left Madonna ‘shocked and devastated.’


Photos on Radar showed Rocco smoking a strange looking cigarette. He is also seen hanging around the infamous Skate Park with much older teenagers. From the photos, it can be speculated that Rocco is living a wayward life that can make Madonna more anxious about her son’s welfare than ever.

According to The Sun, an onlooker at London’s South Bank revealed that, “Rocco was there with a group of mates for over an hour.” The source added, “One of his mates had rolled up the cigarette with Golden Virginia tobacco and it was giving off a pretty pungent smell.”

As per news on The Sun, the pop star Madonna, 57 is fighting for the custody of her fifteen-year-old son Rocco from her ex-husband Guy Ritchie. Madonna wants her son to leave the mega rich city of London, where he has been found hanging around on the roads with his dark and hooded teenage accomplices.

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Truly, son Rocco’s antics have become too hard for Mum Madge to bear. She  goes on to blame Guy for not having given son Rocco proper parental care. Guy is also reported to be ‘furious’ at Madonna for branding him a careless parent so he accuses Madonna to be afflicted with paranoia.

Rocco has ignored even the judge’s order to start the new term at Elite school Lycee Francais. Rocco prefers to stay with his dad, his step-mom and his step brothers and sisters in London where he gets a lot of freedom, he said.

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