MacOS Sierra Public Beta Available for Download, More Details Here

MacOS Sierra Public Beta Available for Download, More Details Here
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Apple released two beta versions of its operating systems, one for the Mac and the other for iOS devices. While most of the attention has been on the iOS 10 and the jailbreak possibilities, the MacOS Sierra public beta is looming as an interesting one to consider.


Be reminded that the MacOS Sierra public beta is not the final version and is something that will come with bugs and certain flaws. For example, don’t be surprised if some apps do not launch or render broken features. This is nothing new and is something normal as explained on CNet.

Things to expect on the MacOS Sierra Public Beta

With all that ironed out, Mac owners get the chance to see what lies ahead with the MacOS Sierra Public Beta. The name is different but the real meat comes from within.

Among the biggest changes will be Siri, the same virtual assistant from the iPhone and the iPad. According to Slash Gear, Siri can do most of the things as with iOS. This includes dictating messages and aiding in the search of files.

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Photos stand to benefit as well. This includes better image editing and smarter processing as well as face recognition and searches that can be done locally than by cloud.

Another interesting interface is the one involving the Apple Watch 2. Apple wearable owners can unlock their Macs without entering their passwords while Apple Pay authentication can be done through Safari.

There are also the ’emojis’, a universal keyboard and new animations in Messages. In the event bugs crop up, users can use the ‘Feedback Assistant’ app to file reports.

How to get the MacOS Sierra Public Beta

The MacOS Sierra public beta is downloadable via the Apple Beta site. Users will be asked for their Apple IDs and enroll the devices selected to run on the operating system.

After properly signing up, users will be sent an email invite and a link on where to download the MacOS Sierra public beta as mentioned on Fortune.

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