MacBook Vs Surface Pro 4: Exchange Your MacBook, Get Up To $600 Off On Surface Pro 4

MacBook Vs Surface Pro 4: Exchange Your MacBook, Get Up To $600 Off On Surface Pro 4

Microsoft has been directly persuading people to give up on Apple products and try their latest Windows 10-powered Surface and Lumia products. The Spring Sale is on, and Microsoft is doing what Samsung did with Apple last year: Samsung was ready to pay people $220 to ditch their iPhones and try their newly launched flagships. This year, it is MacBook vs Surface Pro 4.


Microsoft is not aggressively marketing against Apple but is straight away asking MacBook or iPads users to trade-in their old devices for a Surface Pro 4. It is, hence, a very clear “MacBook vs Surface Pro 4” war.

When this Windows 10 device was launched along with Surface Book last year, many people ditched the decision to purchase it just because the tablet was expensive enough to burn a hole in their pockets. The Surface manufacturer knows this and has intelligently came up with a discount deal for trade-in. Not just MacBooks; the brand is also accepting iPads.

MacBook Vs Surface Pro 4: What’s the deal?

On the Surface deals page, you will this message flashing on the banner: “Get up to $600 toward a Surface Pro 4 when you trade in your used MacBook or Surface.” You can exchange your old product and get the Surface Pro 4 either online or from the store. For Surface owners, here are the models you can trade-in:

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  1. Surface 3
  2. Surface Pro 2
  3. Surface Pro 3

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How much discount you get on these old products depends on the condition of your MacBook, iPad or Surface Pro/2/3. For example, if you select “working condition” while trading-in your MacBook, you will the following message:

“In order to qualify for WORKING condition, the following must be true:

  • The screen must not have any cracks or dead pixels.
  • The housing must be completely intact without cracks or missing parts, and cannot have any etchings or asset tags.
  • The laptop must power on and boot all of the way to the home screen.
  • The device must support normal operation without being connected to a charger.
  • All other facets of the laptop must function normally, including but not limited to wireless connectivity and the camera”

There is another list of terms for machines that are in non-working conditions. Does that mean Microsoft is asking you to give up on your new MacBooks? Six hundred dollars off looks possible only when there are no cracks and the device is perfectly working.

Apple fans, would you give up on your MacBook for Surface Pro 4? Let us know in the comments below so all of us know who wins the MacBook vs Surface Pro 4 battle.

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