MacBook Pro 2016 Rumors: Next Apple Notebook Possibly Coming With Lush Sonder Keyboard

MacBook Pro 2016 Rumors: Next Apple Notebook Possibly Coming With Lush Sonder Keyboard
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The MacBook Pro 2016 could be out in the coming weeks and the latest Apple notebook refresh could be sporting something classy inside. While most have repeatedly heard of the OLED touch bar taking over the old function keys, the device could sport some lush keyboards as well.


The potential use addition of transparent and backlit keyboards cropped up as a result of the rumored demo made by Sonder over at a Chinese University. Much of this was bared by a certain Reddit user “FoxconnInsider” whose identity was confirmed as real.

Sonder Demo At Tsinghua University

The potential addition of the transparent keyboard was shown off at Tsinghua University thought he reason behind the tie-up with Apple mainly cropped up due to alleged talks. According to “Foxconninsider”, Sonder and Apple are currently in discussions for a potential deal involving the keyboards though this may only happen in future Apple laptops.

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Then again, this would not stop folks from hoping that the new technology would be included in the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016, even if the timing is a bit off. Just the same, adding a transparent and backlit keyboard could be perfect for the much awaited refresh.

The alleged talks involving Sonder and Apple were confirmed by the Australian firm to Trusted Reviews, though linking the demo and talks was a bit broad. Apple has yet to comment on the speculations, possibly holding off until the MacBook Pro 2016 is officially out in the open.

Already known through the rumor mill thus far for the MacBook Pro 2016 is that it will be out in two variants (13 and 15-inch sizes), possibly armed with an Intel Kaby Lake processor, improved GPU and also sporting a thinner overall aluminum chassis. The belief is that the refreshed MacBook Pro will be out before October comes to an end.

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