MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date, Specs, Rumors: Kaby Lake or Skylake, Apple Still Undecided?

MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date, Specs, Rumors: Kaby Lake or Skylake, Apple Still Undecided?
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A great news for the MacBook fans! Apple is going to refresh the MacBook lineup as early as this month. Your long wait for MacBook Pro 2016 may soon be over.


The rumors of MacBook Pro 2016 release have been swirling, but now it seems that Apple will be rolling out the dates soon.

According to an evidence from 9to5 Mac ,we will be getting an update soon. Apple has rescheduled the its quarterly earning calls to October 25 due to a conflict in its schedule and this is the chief indicator of an upcoming announcement

The report speculates that Apple is expected to reveal a continuous decline in overall iPhone saes year-over -year, which is certainly not a good news for the investors. The other things which we might see in this Apple event will be the usual improvements like updated kernels, but there will be surprises!

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Kaby Lake Or Skylake: It Is Still undecided!

Well, it is still undecided whether Apple will be sporting the 6th generation ‘Skylake’ processors or the 7th Generation ‘Kaby Lake’ processors in the next Macbook lineup. But it is a great news that they are considering one of those.

This is going to be a big issue since the current chips in the MacBooks are so old and adding one of either two will provide a massive improvement on the performance and energy efficiency over the aging chips used currently.

According to Digital Trends, Apple has not made any moves in any direction yet but it is sure that they are going to use some variety of 6th or 7th generation chips but they have tighten the lips on revealing which technology they will embrace.

There is a strong hope that Apple will go ahead with the most future proof- 7th generation chips to stay competitive. But we need to wait for the event and the next announcement from Apple!

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  • ddr 4 memory and 7th gen kabylake intel,these two are a must for macbook pro to look really next gen for discerning apple buyers.also expected is higher storage,higher memory.there isnt much to improve on display front.

  • RCoop

    No Kaby Lake = No Buy!