MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date, Latest Update: Apple To Release ‘Magic Keyboard’ Alongside Next-Gen Laptop?

MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date, Latest Update: Apple To Release ‘Magic Keyboard’ Alongside Next-Gen Laptop?
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Are you ready for the MacBook Pro 2016? Apple has obviously made big launches this year by launching iPhone7 and iPhone 7 plus but the company still has a lot under its pocket for this year.


There are some hot rumors swirling up which say that the company is planning a press conference this month in which it will unveil a number of updated products in the Mac lineup. The star of the show will be ‘A completely redesigned MacBook Pro’, which will have a secondary touchscreen display.

According to an anonymous Reddit user named ‘Foxconninsider’ , Foxconn, Apple’s main manufacturing partner hosted a closed door event at Tsinghua university. During the event the representatives of the company showed prototypes of two unreleased products from Apple.

The first unreleased product was supposedly the ‘New Macbook Keyboard module’ which is supposed to be a part of Apple’s Macbook Pro 2016. This OLED function key panel will be one of the most exciting features of a laptop seen in years.

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According to BGR, in addition to this new OLED panel, the Redittor also claims that she has seen a second unseen new Apple device which no one knew was in development. This device in question is an early prototype of a next-gen magic keyboard. The current Magic keyboard from Apple is just a wireless keyboard that most of the users are familiar at this point.

The Foxconninsider claims that the new next gen magic keyboard will feature some of the most exciting technology features which will completely change the way people use their Mac computers. Apple’s next gen keyboard will supposedly feature an individual E Ink display on every key. This way the graphics associated with an individual key or a group of keys will change in a personalized way or according to the application currently in use.

The anonymous Redditor also claimed that Apple is working with a start-up on the keyboard and Apple is currently working on the process of acquiring this startup named Sonder.

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