MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date Delayed Due To Lightning Port Integration?

MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date Delayed Due To Lightning Port Integration?
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The MacBook Pro 2016 is seen as the lone notebook likely to make an appearance before 2016 ends though the updates tied up to it have been limited. Everything has come from speculation and the latest word out is sketchy.


Shifting to Lightning port?

Another rumor that comes from Neurogadget is that Apple is busy replacing the 3.5 mm jack with a Lightning port. For those who have been following the iPhone 7 rumors, this is one of the minor changes expected once the flagship comes out this Fall.

Cleaning House

Another rumor to the holdup is that Apple wants to clean out the existing stocks of non-Retina display models. Last month, reports swirled when non-Retina display MacBooks were being pulled from stores.

13-inch models were being pulled out according to Apple Insider and such led many to believe that a phase out was forthcoming. Aside from that, the cleared space also hinted of a possible MacBook Pro 2016, a normal practice on stores tied up to inventory-related purposes.

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Should this be true, it seems hard to depict how Apple can sell those old models with customers opting to wait and get the new MacBook Pro 2016 expected to come out this year. Offering the old non-Retina models at a lower price could be possible though it all depends on the customer/s.

Rumored features

Despite the uncertainty, the MacBook Pro 2016 has gotten lot of techies up and excited. The said notebook is rumored to carry interesting specs.

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That includes the MacBook Pro 2016 coming with the latest Intel Skylake chip, a new AMD GPU, an OLED touch bar replacing the traditional function keys, 4 USB-C ports and 4G connectivity.

The MacBook Pro 2016 holds better chances of emerging over the MacBook Air 2016. Right now however, there is no credible information on when exactly it will come out this year.

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