MacBook Pro 2016 Latest Rumors & Release Date: Next Apple Notebook Coming With Improved LTE Options

MacBook Pro 2016 Latest Rumors & Release Date: Next Apple Notebook Coming With Improved LTE Options
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Apple had two patents granted just recently with the US Patents and Trademark Office (USPTO) and both seem to be designed to ramp up the wireless connectivity options towards other devices. With that in mind, could it come alongside the much awaited MacBook Pro 2016?


The Approved Patents

Among the devices that gained approval include a possible mobile hotspot solution, while the other is an electronic device with ‘isolated cavity antennas.’ Both patents are tied up to mobile connectivity with the second looming as a possible addition to the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016.

As for the portable solution, it comes in three possible makes. One comes in the form of an an independent portable solution, molded via familiar AA battery shape.

If plausible, there could be possible three units. Among the designs, one had a 1,000 mAh battery, while the other two housed some form of electronics like a SIM card.

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If it gains ground, this could become a better solution for folks who need web connections on the go alongside their mobile phones or laptops.

MacBook Pro 2016 With Mobile Chip Connectivity?

Arming the MacBook Pro 2016 with a mobile hotspot could take the load off mobile phones that act as alternative means to connect to the web. Access is expected to be erratic but the main issue with this recourse is that phone battery, which gets drained up serving that purpose.

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If Apple is seriously contemplating on it, the patent (9.397.387) where a mobile chip may be embedded into the MacBook Pro 2016, it will mark something that has been long in the waiting.

This patent is said to be a device featuring “wireless communications circuitry that operates in long-range communications bands such as cellular telephone bands” as well as Wi-Fi, ZDNet reported.

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