MacBook Air And MacBook Pro – Designed For Gaming? Read On

MacBook Air And MacBook Pro – Designed For Gaming? Read On

Apple has a history of manufacturing excellent products and delivering the best results. Upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 is no different. Designed for gaming, this laptop is bundled with advanced features.

It’s time for Gamers to celebrate. Apple is coming up with Macbooks designed for gaming. Isn’t that great news?


MacBook Pro 2016 is said to have incorporated a new Nvidia GPU. The system is also rumored to have GeForce GTX 950, a graphic card with 2GB RAM which confirms that the next MacBook would be suitable for gaming. Regarding the news, Geeky Gadgets quoted Nvidia: “If you’re looking for a modern GPU that can handle the latest games, this is the place to start. Up to three times faster than previous-generation GeForce GTX 650, and with support for all the latest technologies and effects, the GTX 950 gets you in the game.”

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Whether this graphic card, which costs $159, is to be purchased separately is not known. Considering that it comes pre-installed with other MacBooks, this new laptop may not adopt a new strategy. Rumors of GeForce GTX 950 featuring Gamestream are also doing the rounds in the tech world. If these speculations turn out to be true, then gamers would be able to stream the games to their friends. Not just that – this feature will also enable users to load the game on the internet.

MacBook Air 2016 is also said to have the same agenda. Powered by Intel Skylake-U chipset, this laptop from Apple will be released with ForceTouch and other advanced features like Touch ID and USB Type C. The only difference between the these two machines is going to be the RAM. Yes, MacBook Pro 2016 is going be a powerful machine, especially when compared to MacBook Air 2016.

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Both of these MacBooks are much-awaited. Apple always does an impressive job when it comes to classy gadgets, and we are sure that these MacBooks are no exception.

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