MacBook Air 2017 Could Be The Last In Series As Apple Plans To Kill Off ‘Air’ Line, Says Analyst

MacBook Air 2017 Could Be The Last In Series As Apple Plans To Kill Off ‘Air’ Line, Says Analyst
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The MacBook Air is unlikely to move up further at least for 2016, meaning that the meager updates that happened back in April is all there is for this line.


To recall, the only significant change was the addition of 8 GB of RAM and the addition of a rose gold color option on the 13-inch variant last Apr. 19. No changes were made to the 11-inch MacBook Air, meaning it was still the same old device that debuted in 2015.

MacBook Air being killed entirely or not?

With that in mind, such seems to indicate that Apple may be slowly killing off the MacBook Air 11-inch variant. If so, this may leave the 13-inch as the sole product by 2017.

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the 13-inch version will live on. It will be retained alongside a 12-inch MacBook which may take the place of the 11-inch variant.

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At the rate things are going, the MacBook Air is likely heading to an end. It will not be removed from Apple’s line of products and will likely be the entry-level for customers per Apple Insider.

Retina MacBooks replacing Air line seen

With the slow pace, the belief right now is that the days of the MacBook Air will be numbered. The iPad Pro has been seen as a potential replacement though a better choice is a rumored Retina MacBook, which could come out in 2017.

Macworld speculates that new MacBook models will eventually account for the eventual demise of the MacBook Air. They will be offered at lower prices — approximately £749 — cheaper than the 13-inch MacBook Air model that retails for £849.

As for the specs, the MacBook 2017 will likely feature the latest ones expected for the MacBook Pro. That includes a Retina display, Touch ID, Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type-C.

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