Macbook Air 2016 Release Date Still Unknown, Price Discount Good or Bad?

Macbook Air 2016 Release Date Still Unknown, Price Discount Good or Bad?
MacBook Air veroyama/ Flickr cc
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What's This?

There is still no credible update tied up to a MacBook Air 2016 and most of the update are tied up to the rumor mill. Could a price drop suggest that the device will be released soon?


There is growing belief that Apple may eventually kill of the MacBook Air, which may be eventually replaced by the iPad Pro. This is an ongoing debate with users having different takes.

One of the main concerns is the difference in operating system use with the MacBook Air running on MacOS and the iPad Pro running on iOS. The difference in operating systems alone means that applications will vary, particularly in the area of familiarity and productivity, Laptop Mag reported.

Price drops good or bad?

With no word of a MacBook Air 2016 coming, most have taken into account current events tied up to old models. One thing worth noting is the price drop. From $1799 since being launched in 2008, a 13-inch MacBook Air can now be bought for $999, Mashable noted. The smaller 11-inch model now retails for just $899.

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Under normal scenarios, such would hint at a new model coming. This is normally the case for other devices like the iPhone or even the iPad. But the problem here is that the MacBook Air is under the radar with its future uncertain.

Time to get cozy with the iPad Pro?

The MacBook Air is not expected to vanish immediately. It is likely to stick around, though the fate of future models may not happen. With that in mind, should users start getting used to the iPad Pro?

The iPad Pro is seen as Apple’s answer to compete against Microsoft’s Surface Pro series. It will have an optional keyboard, but the real issue here is the software that can be used.

Compared to the Surface Pro, Microsoft has been known to cater to the productivity and work-related niche. Apple may be trying –again — to do the same but the fact that it runs on iOS will be a problem.

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