Macbook Air 2016 To Boast New Features, Major Upgrades

Macbook Air 2016 To Boast New Features, Major Upgrades
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The MacBook Air has yet to get an upgrade but at the rate Apple is managing its resources, it may never come. Hope floats for now on whether techies will get a new version of the laptop. Until the Cupertino company issues an official announcement, such will stick.


For now, the best bet is seeing the MacBook Air 2016 up there with no update on the horizon. The focus right now is on the MacBook Pro 2016, which has been doing well. Still and all, the MacBook Air remains a favorite and could be a reason why Apple has held off addressing its real state. Additionally, it is the most cost-efficient laptop to get starting at $899, Mashable reported.

MacBook Pro 2016 takes the spotlight

While the fate of the MacBook Air 2016 is murky, Apple is ramping up preparations for a new and improved MacBook Pro 2016. It is expected to come armed with Intel’s Skylake processors and run on the latest MacOS Sierra.

Aside from those features, the MacBook Air 2016 is more than likely to integrate popular features like Touch ID, an NFC chip and wireless charging. There are also rumors claiming that Siri will be included, making it the first time that Apple has integrated the virtual assistant on their notebooks. Siri is a key feature in iPhones to date.

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OLED touch panel highly anticipated

Aside from those features expected from the MacBook Pro 2016, there is that recurring rumor involving the integration of a new OLED touch panel in lieu of the old function keys via Apple Insider.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple will nix the old function keys and make the change once the MacBook Pro 2016 debuts later this year.

iPad Pro better option than MacBook Air?

While it is hard to compare the MacBook Air with the MacBook Pro, equally interesting are takes on Apple’s flexible iPad Pro. With a detachable keyboard, the iPad Pro could be another threat for the MacBook Air 2016.

Compared to the MacBook Pro however, the issue with the iPad Pro is the OS and the apps in use. Seeing the difference in the productivity front, it may be hard to shift to the iPad Pro for a proven notebook like the MacBook Air.

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