MacBook 2016 Release: Touchscreen, More Killer Features

MacBook 2016 Release: Touchscreen, More Killer Features
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Just like every year, Apple is expected to release a new set of MacBooks. This time, the 2016 MacBook editions are expected to come with Skylake processors, a touchscreen and more efficient features. Can Apple release a better MacBook lineup this year?


Apple will be holding several events this year and the nearest of which is around March. According to reports, the company will unveil several devices during the event including the 4-inch iPhone 5SE, the iPad Air 3, and new Apple Watch Band. Even if there are no confirmations yet, Gospel Herald reports that the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 2016 could also find their launch dates around the same time.

Apple is reportedly working hard on bringing a more revolutionary line of MacBooks. According to the BitBag, the inclusion of the Intel Skylake processor in its system will most likely allow Apple to change directions in its MacBook lineup. Specifically, it would be possible for the company to include the touch screen features. Whereas Apple previously maintained that touchscreen is not a good inclusion to the MacBook as there is the iPad series, analysts think it could benefit the company.

“I don’t think the iPad as a category grows,” Ryan Reith, program director with IDC covering mobile devices, told Forbes.

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“The way that we tend to view the iPad Pro is that it’s kind of a stopgap solution until they get a Mac line to the point of a touch screen and possibly detachable keyboard.”

“I think [a touch Mac] is inevitable. There’s nothing from the supply chain or from Apple that supports that right now — I just think it’s inevitable…I don’t know if that’s two years out or what,” he added.

According to Digital Trends, it is inevitable for the MacBook to have the Skylake. At one point or another, the processor will find its way to the MacBook. Analysts previously expressed that Skylake will be crucial in helping MacBook become an efficient enterprise tool.