Lumia Smartphones Demoted, Microsoft To Prioritize iOS

Lumia Smartphones Demoted, Microsoft To Prioritize iOS
Microsoft logo TechStage / Flickr CC BY 2.0

With Microsoft moving a step closer to being a company focused on delivering the best possible software, regardless of the platform, CEO Satya Nadella recently announced about the reorganization of the leadership team of the company.


Terry Myerson, formerly the head of the Windows operating system, will now lead the Windows and Devices Group, with the hardware behind Lumia, HoloLens, Surface Hub, Xbox and Surface working under his leadership.

These changes point at the removal of former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and Jo Harlow from their respective leadership positions.

Keeping these changes in mind, the Lumia hardware teams of the company are now expected to focus on low and mid-ranged handsets, with the goal to bring consumers into Microsoft’s cloud-services instead of battling with Android and iOS for market share.

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The biggest indicator of Microsoft’s strategy was an updated version of the OneNote application. An improved checkbox/list system has been added to the mobile application by the OneNote team.

Before any other platform, including Microsoft’s, the iPhone and iPad clients have been the first one to get this update. The application is also available on Android and Windows (along with OSX).

  • SGlenn

    While MS is definitely expanding their targeting of reaching consumers where they are at(via iOS or Android) it in no way indicates that they are demoting or giving up on Windows Mobile. Even the restructuring doesn’t suggest that. It only makes sense from a business standpoint to combine all devices since they are all going to be running essentially the same OS.

    Also, the new Windows 10 mobile phones will be premium phones able to run Continuum on Windows 10, requiring high end specs, so while MS is making inroads in the low to Mid range phone markets globally, they are not abandoning the premium space.

  • mikem132

    This is nothing new, really. Look at how Skype for mobile developed. It on iOS before Windows Mobile (then Windows Phone) and was a superior system for a long time. Why? Skype is MS Software and iOS users had alternatives to use. MS wanted to address the bigger market and drive users to its own software. Exactly like now with OneNote (and other software). We on Windows Phone are probably safely in the MS camp already. iOS and, to a lesser degree, Android have other options than MS products. Windows Phone users might be upset they are not first and best, but business-wise this makes perfect sense. It also does not mean Lumia is demoted. Lumia’s position on the priority list is the same as ever—2nd or 3rd. Since before Lumia—since Windows Mobile.