‘Lumia 950’ Strategy: Will Microsoft’s Slow And Steady Approach Win The Race?

‘Lumia 950’ Strategy: Will Microsoft’s Slow And Steady Approach Win The Race?
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Is Microsoft following Google’s marketing strategies to become the next Apple? Read on to know more.

Currently, there are only two operating systems people prefer to invest into – Android and iOS. Other two well-known operating systems are BB OS and Microsoft’s Windows. BlackBerry was once a tough competition to iOS, but when Android emerged, BlackBerry disappeared. Windows always had its own space and a loyal fan base. There are also people who tried Windows phones, then switched to other operating systems. Come what may, unlike BlackBerry, Windows smartphones never disappeared from the market.


From competing with iOS to competing with Google

A report published by The Verge says that the former CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, wanted Microsoft to be the next Apple; while Satya Nadella, the current CEO of the company, wants his company to be like Google. There is nothing wrong with looking up to something, unless and until you do not give up on originality. And here is where Microsoft is striking the right balance.

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The company is not rushing into the competition. It is studying the market as well as where its products stand with regards to the competition and public demand in the market. Microsoft’s latest Lumia smartphones – Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL may not see sales breaking the records of iPhones or other devices, but yes, these devices will help the brand set a firm foundation for its future.

Just like Nexus devices, Microsoft is not targeting the market in bulk; instead, it is trying to reach out to a limited set of audience and demonstrate what the products are to them. And this market is none other than the enterprise market. As we all know, even Apple’s target audience is the cream of society. When this segment of society becomes your fan, others blindly follow. So, we can say that by adopting Nexus’ strategy, Microsoft is now indirectly trying to beat Apple.

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