‘Lumia 950’ Vs ‘iPhone 6S’ And ‘Samsung Galaxy S6’; Will This ‘Windows 10’ Device Win Over Them?

‘Lumia 950’ Vs ‘iPhone 6S’ And ‘Samsung Galaxy S6’; Will This ‘Windows 10’ Device Win Over Them?
Lumia 950 from Microsoft
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When it comes to smartphones, Microsoft was nowhere in the race. Other brands tried to catch up while Apple and Samsung enjoyed their thrones. Then what changed suddenly? Microsoft launched an all-new, advanced “Windows 10” device, Lumia 950. This smartphone did not come alone. Just like iPhone 6S came along with “iPhone 6S Plus”, Lumia 950 has been introduced with older sibling Lumia 950 XL. Though there is not much of a difference between the two, you will notice that “Lumia 950 XL” has a slightly bigger screen and a battery that is little more powerful than Lumia 950.


Lumia 950 has a clear, bright display but Samsung’s Android device wins over the two as it has built Galaxy S6 with 577 pixels per inch. Lumia is very close with 564 pixels per inch, but iPhone 6S is still at 326 ppi. The iPhone 6S also has a smaller screen so the small number of pixels can be ignored here.

The use of smartphones is changing. People are now preferring bigger screens so that all tasks can be easily performed on the phone. Considering the need of the hour, Lumia 950 is offering a 5.2-inch screen, scoringd extra points here. Samsung Galaxy S6 offers a 5.1-inch display; iPhone 6S is nowhere in the race with just a 4.7-inch screen.

All three devices are using the best processors to offer customers well-performing devices. Where Lumia 950 is using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 808, Apple is using its own, latest processor A9. Following Apple’s footsteps, Samsung is also using its own processor, the Exynos 7420 Octa-Core.

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Theoretically, Windows 10 devices should have the best cameras. It has 20-megapixel rear camera, 5-megapixel front camera with features like optical image stabilization and triple LED RGB Flash. Samsung and Apple are a few of those brands that deliver excellent quality camera results. As Lumia 950 has just been launched, we will have to wait till people actually get their hands on this device.

Right now, Windows 10 is rocking not just the desktop world, but also the mobile world. With time, we can be sure how good this new operating system is and how excellent Windows 10 devices are.

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