‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Joseline Hernandez Really Pregnant: New Video Shows ‘Greedy Baby Joseline’

Joseline Hernandez is really pregnant? After setting the social media ablaze with her baby bump photo, she now continued on with a Snapchat post showing the same baby bump and claiming “baby Joseline” is greedy.


Is she really pregnant? If she is not, why would she keep pushing the idea? Can someone really make that up and do so in public even?

She posted the same snapchat video on her Twitter account, where she garnered hundreds of comments, some congratulating her, some slamming her for continuing with the lie.

A lot said that they do not see that coming, which means they really believe that she must be pregnant (because you can’t lie with a video of your baby bump?) but cannot fathom how she reached that state in the first place.

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While some assumed that it must be her ex Stevie J’s baby, others were also rude to ask who the father is.

At the same time, she also put out a series of tweets bashing Stevie for denying he’s the father of the child, as reported by Life & Style Mag.

“DNA test[s] don’t lie… You know you are the daddy of this baby. But thank god you are disclaiming the baby,” she wrote. “We don’t want your last name your family is sick your dad is a child molester and so are you,” she added.

It is no secret that she and Stevie J are hardly in good terms for quite a while now.

Stevie J even denied that they were married, prompting Joseline Hernandez to go to Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 and slammed Stevie.

She said she has nothing but a great, loving wife who persevered and suffered while Stevie cheated and lied to her. Joseline Hernandez added that Stevie J is not a “real man” for disclaiming her as his wife.

For the past years though, before they got rude and cruel to each other, the two have been lovingly sharing to their followers how ready they are to start a family.

Joseline Hernandez’s latest VH1 interview though hinted that she is not ready, because it meant she has to leave “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” and she’s not prepared for that yet.

“No, I love TV, why would I want to stop airing it out and why would people want to stop seeing me? I do love kids. I do want kids and I am going to have some but I feel like a kid myself too so I’m not ready for kids because I feel so young,” she said.

Will the truth ever come out? Why is it still hard for people to accept wholeheartedly that the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star is really pregnant?

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