Louis Tomlinson The Next Simon Cowell: Forming One Direction Female Version!

Louis Tomlinson The Next Simon Cowell: Forming One Direction Female Version!
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Following the hiatus of One Direction, Simon Cowell and the band’s former member Louis Tomlinson are now working together to launch the career of the group’s female version.


Has the 24-year-old singer already decided to shift his career path? Is he now becoming a star maker just like their former “X Factor” mentor?

It can be noted that Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson started to gain fame when they joined the British singing competition in 2010.

However, starting last year, they left their group one-by-one.

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With the plan to launch the female One Direction, does it mean that there is no hope anymore to bring them all together again?

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Quoting a report from The Sun, Glamour magazine revealed that Simon Cowell was impressed with the new girl band.

“They are unbelievably good,” the 56-year-old talent show judge and founder of Syco Music added. “They are as good as I have ever heard.”

When it comes to he looks at Louis Tomlinson, he had this to say, “He has got fantastic instinct… I think he has got a real knack for this.”

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Accordingly, this plan was hatched last year, and with the new female One Direction sounding “as good as I’ve ever heard,” they might just be chance that they will introduce them soon.

In the meantime, Mirror UK reported that to be exact, Louis Tomlinson told Simon Cowell about the idea at least 18 months ago.

“He stuck with it,” the reality television judge said.

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Apart from managing the career of the upcoming female One Direction, it was also dished that the young singer has also inked a deal for another venture.

“He has just signed a deal with us as an imprint of a record label,” Simon Cowell disclosed. “He has a new artist who is going to be released this year, I hope, who are incredible.”

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