Lost Soul Aside: Final Fantasy XV-inspired Game Created By One Person!

Lost Soul Aside: Final Fantasy XV-inspired Game Created By One Person!
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What's This?

Lost Soul Aside may remind gamers of Final Fantasy XV, but that’s because the game is indeed inspired by the upcoming Square Enix RPG.


Sure, it looks like FFXV, right down to the spikey hair of the protagonist to the breathtaking monster-infested sceneries. But its trailer reveals a gameplay reminiscent of the glory days of the hack-and-slash genre. Think Devil May Cry or Castlevania.

The most amazing thing about Lost Soul Aside? It’s made by only ONE person. A lone developer who goes by the name Yang Bing.

On Facebook, Bing’s manager took the time to write some FAQ. According to the post, the game is still being made without a platform in mind, adding that “but we will try our best to satisfy everyone!”

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As for the gameplay, Yang Bing maintains it will stick true to its RPG roots, unless, of course, he changes his mind. Anything can happen at this point, so all we can do is sit back and marvel at the recently released trailer. You won’t believe that it only took 2 years for someone to make such a good-looking game. Final Fantasy XV, as we all know, spans a development period of ten years.

Interested gamers can follow (and cheer on) Yang Bing on YouTube and Twitter.

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