NFL Rumors: Johnny Manziel To Los Angeles Rams Confirmed?

NFL Rumors: Johnny Manziel To Los Angeles Rams Confirmed?
Johnny Manziel Erik Drost / Flickr cc

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel made headlines anew, as several fans speculated that he is nearing a deal with the Los Angeles Rams. But is the former Texas A&M standout really headed to Los Angeles?


Manziel was released by the Browns after another tumultuous year in Cleveland, which was marked by numerous off-court issues. He was linked to several teams in the offseason, but no team made a gamble on him.

How The Johnny Manziel To Los Angeles Rams Rumors Started

With no NFL deal this season, Manziel opted to return to Texas A&M to study again. He was then linked to the Rams after he was spotted wearing a Los Angeles Rams hat. This stirred speculation that Manziel will be heading to Los Angeles this season.

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However, a report from Yardbarker doused cold water to the rumors. The report pointed out that Manziel wearing a Rams hat is not too surprising.

“Manziel spent time during the offseason in Los Angeles, so the Rams hat may not come as a huge surprise,” Yardbarker noted. “But the hat is about the closest he’s getting to an NFL team.”

How About Johnny Manziel To Cleveland Browns?

Aside from the Rams, the Browns are also being linked to Manziel anew after original starting quarterback for this season, Robert Griffin III, sustained a possible season-ending shoulder injury.

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After Griffin went down, FanSided speculated that Cleveland could renew ties with Manziel. The report pointed out that a reunion is unlikely to happen at this point but quickly added that it is not impossible.

“The chances aren’t very likely but not impossible,” FanSided noted. “Manziel has natural talent that can be tapped into, but he’s a head case. The Browns had the opportunity to fit him into this Hue Jackson scheme and they passed.”

Manziel cannot be an immediate replacement for any team even if he gets a new deal. The former Heisman Trophy winner will have to serve a four-game suspension if he gets a deal this season.

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  • Texas Aggie 1966

    Anyone wanting this drunk, druggie who is out of shape and turned himself into a puke, should have their head examined. His Dallas court case in this week and he could get another wrist slap or more….THEN has to face more NFL sanctions, will already miss the first 4 games after he comes back plus whatever the NFL gives him for pounding his EX…..what team wants Manziel again? Better to grab Fifty Cents to play!

  • tum kritcher

    well manziel could help several teams. he can play. maybe he gets 1 more chance.. if he screws that up he is finished.. maybe he has seen that no one was ringing him up to play and he sobered up a bit- I mean he is trying to find something to do with himself.. and college is pretty mundane after you ahve been out in the world.. it is a twilight zone of people partying and chasing a piece of paper to make money.. manziel ahs made money.. he can make more.. or he can be a doesn’t work past 25 or so..I tried it..I am sure he realizes what a come down it is once you been to the sky bar.

    • Tim Reed

      At this point we don’t even know if he can play. He hasn’t practiced or played in a year and he’s completely out of shape. He’s also a druggie.