Liza Soberano: Charlie Puth And The Chainsmokers Feuding Over Actress?

Liza Soberano: Charlie Puth And The Chainsmokers Feuding Over Actress?
James McVey With Liza Soberano Michael Howard / Flickr cc
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It seemed like Charlie Puth was not the only star who got enticed with the beauty of Filipina actress Liza Soberano. The Chainsmokers also aired their admiration to the young actress.


In one tweet, The Chainsmokers said that they are also smitten by the actress, following their concert last Friday in Manila.

“Going on the record. We are in a love triangle with @charlieputh,” the band said in their tweet.

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In an earlier interview, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers were asked to name Filipinas who they find as attractive, Cosmo said.

“I just read about some hot girl,” the band told “People kept on tweeting us to invite to the show. She’s an actress, I think.”

“What’s her name? She’s like a hot chick. I saw Charlie Puth invited her [via Twitter].”

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When the interviewer dropped Liza Soberano’s name, The Chainsmokers said, “Yes… That’s the person [Liza].”

It can be recalled that “We Don’t Talk Anymore” singer Charlie Puth, who had an earlier concert in Manila, was also linked to the ABS-CBN actress.

Charlie Puth invited the 18-year-old actress to his concert but the Filipino-American star declined due to an earlier commitment.

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The singer tweeted the actress with, “@lizasoberano you coming tonight?”

The actress said, “@charlieputh sorry I couldn’t make it!! Hope to see you next time around.”

Before his concert, Charlie Puth made a Snapchat dubbing Liza Soberano’s scene in “Everyday I Love You.”

Liza Soberano then retweeted the post, which led to their exchange of tweets.

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