Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Bitter About Ex-Boyfriends? Tantrum In The Middle Of An Interview?

Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Bitter About Ex-Boyfriends? Tantrum In The Middle Of An Interview?
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It appears that Little Mix’s Liegh-Anne Pinnock doesn’t like being asked about her exes, so what if the title of the band’s new single goes “Shout Out To My Ex.” The star stormed out of a radio interview when she was asked about her ex-boyfriends.


The X Factor band was being asked questions about their new single by Capital FM host Roman Kemp. One of the questions inquired whether the girls had to speak to all their exes to be able to write the song.

“If you write a song like this do you have to speak to all exes? Clear that song with them?” he asks. To this, the girls fell silent, but Leigh-Anne whispers something to Perrie Edwards.

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She then turned to Kemp and said, “That was a bit inappropriate wasn’t it?”

Kemp appeared a bit unnerved and replied, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.” But when Kemp tried the change the topic Leigh-Anne said, “It just gets on my nerves though when people ask things like that. I’m like why? We’re not here to talk about exes.”

Kemp tried to explain saying, “I know the song is called that, but talk about how it’s a positive thing. Do you know what I mean? It’s just annoying though isn’t it?”

The Mirror reported that after this, Leigh-Anne asked the girls to continue the interview without her and stormed out of the room leaving Kemp visibly embarrassed. When he asked the girls if he should apologize, Perrie told him that Leigh-Anne could be having a bad day.

But moments later Leigh-Anne returned with a choir and Kemp was relieved to release that it was a prank played on him by the girls and Capital DJ Marvin Humes, the Mail Online reported.

However, it was not the first time that the band played a prank on a radio DJ. Last year the girl band pretended to be offended by a question from Jackie O, reducing him to tears, before revealing it was a prank.

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