Little Boy Finds Bride’s Lost Wedding Ring

Little Boy Finds Bride’s Lost Wedding Ring
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An eight-year-old boy found a diamond wedding ring that a bride lost an hour before the ceremony.


Erica Fenske lost the nearly 100-year-old wedding ring that belonged to her great grandmother.

“We had 200 of our closest family and friends come out. (It was a) beautiful day. Everything really went according to plan,” Fenske said. She was going to use different articles belonging to her family’s history for the wedding at Schlitz Audubon Nature Center on Saturday, WISN reports. Among them was a shawl from her grandmother.

Speaking about the ring, she said it was “a small solitaire ring. My mother wore it in her wedding. I think my grandmother wore it in her wedding as well.”

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When it went missing, “the first thing I thought of is, ‘Oh good, I have eight groomsmen and eight bridesmaids. I’m sending them all down to look everywhere we’ve been for the ring,” Fenske said. She said she “never thought we’d find it because it’s just rocks and stuff” in the almost 185 acres of landscape that had to be searched. While she lost all hope of finding the ring, the wedding went on.

“I figured, ‘Yes, it’s a sentimental item. I really wish I didn’t lose it. My mother’s going to kill me,” Fenske said.

It was a phone call she received this week that turned her hopelessness into indescribable delight. “When they called and said, ‘Hey, we found a ring.’ I thought, ‘No way it’s mine,'” Fenske said. An eight-year-old boy had discovered the ring while he was digging for fossils on the beach; and subsequently turned it in.

“When they brought out the ring, I instantly started crying just because it was a miracle,” Fenske said.

Meanwhile, the boy’s family was happy that the ring was back to its owner. “It proves that the one little thing that went wrong that day got fixed and that was more of not an omen, but a sign to us that this is it. This was right. This was perfect,” Fenske said.

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