Why Did Lionel Messi Essay Penalty Pass To Luis Suarez?

Why Did Lionel Messi Essay Penalty Pass To Luis Suarez?
Lionel Messi L.F. Salas / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Lionel Messi‘s penalty pass to Luis Suarez was meant for him, feels Brazilian striker Neymar. Barcelona crushed Celta Vigo 6-1 in Sunday’s La Liga game.


Drama occurred during the 82nd minute of the game. Messi stepped up to the penalty spot, but he didn’t take the shot. Instead, he passed it to his Uruguayan teammate. Barca led 3-1 at Nou Camp at that moment.

This video shows how the penalty was taken. Unprecedented, indeed.

Neymar claims he was the intended target, as reported by ESPN. The Brazilian hitman also pointed out that they have practiced the tricks before applying it in-game.

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“It was for me, we had practiced it in training!” he said with a smile. “Leo and myself had practiced but Luis was closer and he scored it.

“Our friendship is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter who scores the goals just that we win the games.”

Now the spot-kick has raked up controversy saying Messi disrespected his opponents Celta Vigo with such outrageous style.

He shows very little emotions off the pitch. It’s unlikely he would leave any chance to get his sportsmanship questioned. Rather, he acted as a perfect and generous team member. Having scored earlier in the match, he allowed Suarez to notch up his hat trick, according to Yahoo. One must remember: Messi was standing on the verge of his 300th La Liga goal.

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