LinkedIn Puts Spotlight On Business Game Changers 35 And Under

LinkedIn Puts Spotlight On Business Game Changers 35 And Under
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Forbes may be known for compiling grand lists of all kinds: world’s richest, America’s richest, most powerful, top earners, largest charities, best countries for business and more. But LinkedIn thinks there’s more to lists than ranking the ones at the top. Rather, it is equally important to recognize professionals who have become game changers in their respective companies, whether they are its chief executive officer or not. And what’s more, LinkedIn also thought about putting focus on those who are still young and already gaining accolades. Hence, they are collectively known as the LinkedIn Next Wave.

The LinkedIn Next Wave is the first list that LinkedIn has made and they plan to do it quarterly, “celebrating professionals and companies that are doing extraordinary work and transforming their fields.” It covers several business sectors, including marketing and advertising; healthcare; real estate; education and social impact; media; enterprise tech; food and leisure; automotive; law; finance; entertainment; energy; human resources as well as consumer technology.


The list is about young people who have made headways in their respective fields. Take Laura Ridlehoover, a senior product manager at Amazon, who helped develop the Amazon Dash button, making re-stocking on daily essentials as easy as pressing a button. Then, there’s also Erik Douglas, the CEO and co-founder of CellScope. He believes a cell phone can help make lives better beyond communication and social media. This is why he found a way for cell phone to help to diagnose ear infections, pink eye, skin rashes and yes, bug bites. And then, there is also Natasha Case, the CEO and co-founder of Coolhaus, who has made it her business to turn just about any food favorite into an addictive ice cream sandwich. Fried chicken and waffles ice cream sandwich, anyone?

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For its very first list, LinkedIn managed to find 150 Next Wavers. And here’s a tidbit of inspiration for everyone, more than 80% of these Next Wavers actually didn’t need a degree from an Ivy League university to get where they are. In fact, only 15% of them have M.B.A.’s. Now, that’s something to think about.

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