Lindsay Lohan A Golddigger? Egor Tarabasov Financially Supported Lohan And Family?

Lindsay Lohan A Golddigger? Egor Tarabasov Financially Supported Lohan And Family?
Lindsay Lohan in “The Canyons” (3) Joel Kramer / Flickr cc
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Lindsay Lohan’s ex-fiancé Egor Tarabasov fired back at the troubled star after she claimed that he did not contribute any dime during the course of their relationship.


Sources are saying that Lindsay Lohan was lying when she told in an interview with a Russian television that the 23-year-old Russian tycoon was “flat broke” and that they both lived in her London home.

The insider said Egor Tarabasov has a good cash flow at hand because he has a bunch of investments. He is also the director of European firms and is listed as the boss of a London property company Home House Estates, The Daily Mail said in a report.

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The TMZ source even added that he had to “cover thousands of dollars in bills Lindsay racked up during the filming her latest movie.”

Lindsay Lohan also has access to Egor Tarabasov’s credit card which she uses to splurge herself gifts and shop for her family.

Does this mean Lindsay Lohan might have been abusing her boyfriend’s money for her own pleasures?

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The insider also added that Lindsay Lohan’s statement that she bought her own engagement ring was completely false, saying that while the star picked the £220,000 worth design, her Russian boyfriend was the one who paid for it.

In her Russian television interview last week, Lindsay Lohan dissed her ex saying he was a “lazy layabout” and only relies on his wealthy father.

The “Mean Girls” star said, ‘He does not have money. What could I do? We lived in my home. I paid for everything. His father paid for many things, but mainly I was paying.

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The actress added in her emotional statement, “But it was mistake. I should have said to him, “Do something, I can’t do everything alone”. I’m a 30-year-old woman and I was supporting a guy who didn’t work.”

She also revealed that she first thought Ego Tarabasov was a “good man” her perspective on him went the other way around when he started beating her.

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