Lindenhurst Hate Letter Wants Black Family To Run Away

Lindenhurst Hate Letter Wants Black Family To Run Away
Lindenhurst Station Adam Moss / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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An African-American family in Lindenhurst received a hate-filled letter telling them to leave town because they are black. The letter claims that the town is 84-percent white, and that there is no place for them there.


“You don’t belong here”

Ronica Copes of Lindenhurst received the racist letter through her mailbox, CBS New York reported.

“Attn: African-American family. This is coming from the Lindenhurst community. Lindenhurst is 84 percent white population. You don’t belong here. Please leave Lindenhurst as soon as you can. It will be better for all of us. Find a town where there are more people like you. Sorry if this is rude, but it’s the truth,” the letter reads.

Lindenhurst residents were appalled about the letter

The Copes family received support from the whole community. Ten-year-old Samantha Sullivan brought balloons and flowers to the family. She said a lot of people want the Copes family in the town.

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One resident, Marisa Greico, said the town does not agree with the letter.

“It’s embarrassing,” Greico told CBS New York.

“Some moron wrote the letter and said all the town agrees to it? That moron didn’t check with me,” said another resident, Gary Gorman.

The Suffolk County Police Department is already investigating the matter. The department’s county executive, Steve Bellone, vowed to solve the hate crime.

“To the coward who committed a hate crime against an innocent family in Lindenhurst — There is no place for intolerance in Suffolk County. I know the Suffolk County Police Department will do everything possible to solve this hate crime, out you and see you punished. I stand together with all Lindenhurst residents who decry this act of hatred. This community and all of Suffolk County are better than that,” Bellone said.

Letter sent off for fingerprinting

The detectives said that the original letter is in the process of fingerprinting and officials have already started a door-to-door investigation, WHSV reported.

The family has also posted the letter on Facebook, asking for any information about the perpetrators. Copes said she does not have any suspect in mind.

“There have never been any incidents for us no problems, no quarrels with anyone, so as I said, we are really taken aback because we have no idea where this is coming from,” Copes told WHSV.

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